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Royal Dutch Shell

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Om virksomheden

Royal Dutch Shell is an international generating company experienced in studying, production, processing, and selling of petroleum crude oils and natural gas, as well as in production and selling of chemicals. In the Fortune Global 500 ranking as of 2017, it ranks 7th with revenues of $ 240 bln. Company's Headquarters are in The Hague (The Netherlands). The group was established in 1907 by merging of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and The Shell Transport and Trading Company Ltd. This company amalgamation happened in the first place to provide keen and tough competition to the American Standard Oil Company in the world market. In February 2016, Royal Dutch Shell completed the takeover of the British BG Group, which was announced in April 2015. The value of trade amounted to 70 billion USD. Under the terms of the deal, BG Group shareholders were now holding about 19% of the amalgamated company, while Royal Dutch Shell obtained access to the liquid natural gas reserves which was the British Company's area of specialty. Shell conducts geological exploration and production of oil and gas in over 70 countries around the world. Shell also owns, in whole or in part, over 30 oil refinery plants. In particular, the company owns Pernis, one of Europe's major petroleum processing plants located in the Netherlands with a capacity of 10,000 tons per day, a UK Stanlow refinery with a capacity of 12 million tons per year, three refineries in France with the total capacity of 40,790 tons per day. Shell holds the world's largest filling station chain, which counts over 43 thousand stations. Beyond that, Shell owns an appreciable quantity of chemical factories, as well as photovoltaic panel and other alternative energy sources manufactories.

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